BNJCA Structure


This page records how the association is structured and the committees that operate to manage the services the association provides to the junior cricketers in the North Brisbane region.

This is a working document that will be updated with the formation of new committees and committee remit.

The Management Committee is responsible for the overall operation of the association including the allocation of committee members, delegates and external parties to committees that will oversee defined, but inter-connected parts of the associations operation.

Each committee will be responsible for making operational and strategic decisions within its remit.

  • Strategic decisions will be referred back to the Management Committee for debate and ratification.
  • Operational decisions are to be recorded and reported to the Management Committee for inclusion in the monthly Management Committee meeting minutes.

The operation of the association is divided into various portfolio areas with one or more committees given the responsibility of executing the major task areas within the portfolio.

The portfolio and committee structure is represented in the diagram below.