Casey Cup

Casey Cup Teams


Coach- Caden Sweeney Coach - Luke Joel
Tejas Ashok Theodore Bacalakis
Jax Beikoff Julian Bass
Hamish Clark Luke Duncan
Luke Crook Jim Grecian (WK)
Angus Durkin Will Hawkins
Henry Edwards Steven Hogan
Ben Goggin (WK) Harry Jackson
George Harrison (WK) Joey Laner
Harrison Reck Louis Marais
Luke Sentance Isaac Nixon (WK)
Theo Tsingos Braidyn Polich
Austin Tsingos Luke Young
Coach- Jack Doyle Coach - Blake Wrigley
Thomas Bayo Hugh Burke
Eli Brain Angus Clark
Langdon Condon Elliott Gillman (WK)
Harry DeSouza Spencer Green
Andrew Klein George Hales
Lakshdeep Ludher Zach Harvey
Jack Mercer (WK) Sam Jones
Lachlan Mills Tom Kewley
Owen Montgomery Cooper Lush
Henry Moore (WK) Benjamin Rothwell (WK)
Isaac Paine Dominic Scott
Nate Rowcliff Luke Ward



Organise U12 Stage 1 Trial





Selection of Players for Casey Cup





Casey Cup Games


Choose from the list of Under 12 selectors those who can attend at the time of the trial


Book facilities for the trial


Prepare a list of attendees and their skills/attributes with space to rate each attendee on batting, bowling, fielding and keeping.



Selection of Players for U12 Representative Teams



will appoint an independent coach for all Development teams

BNJCA will appoint a manager and scorer from the parent group

The Coach and Manager are responsible for the playing group for the duration of the Development carnival

Costs for the Development Carnivals include Accommodation, Meals, Travel, Uniforms, Team Equipment, Team Photos, Balls, Umpires and Facilities