Reevesie Cup

Reevesie cup teams

Coach- Shane Drummond-Hills    Coach - Dave Fielding
Nathan Bidgood   Kai Anderson
Oscar Bodimeade (Capt - WK)   James Brandon
Ryan Gant   Ted Challenor
Rylan Holding   Flynn Cleary
Michael Malone   Andy Corrie (Capt)
Lachlan McCall   Thomas Keogh
Oscar Pavey (WK)   Angus McLean
Blake Roy   Harry Nelson
Harjas Sandhu   Sam Patrick
Nicholas Scott   Cameron Plackett
Hugo Spencer   Dylan Roost (WK)
Jack Thompson   Sam Wallwork
Coach- Jack Sweeney   Coach - Matthew Clay
Jett Barker   Lucas Bryan
Damon Bass   Patrick Burchard
William Charles   Callahan Condon
Jayden Draper (Capt - WK)   Hayden Farnsworth (WK)
Harry Gulliver   Harry Frost
Findlay Jones   Mitchell Hartshorn
Sam Kewley   Leo Henry
Samuel Lewis   Aarjan KC
Francis Piper   Kevin Kingsmill
Archie Smith   Fergus McFadyen
William Tozer   Louis Morris
Matthew Walker (WK)   Lachlan Sanders (Capt)


Organise U13 Stage 1 Trial


  • Select a date and time for the trial
  •  Choose from the list of Under 13 selectors those who can attend at the time of the trial (refine the date and time if necessary)
  • Book facilities for the trial
  • Notify attendees of the date time and location of the trial
  • Prepare a list of attendees and their skills/attributes with space to rate each attendee on batting, bowling and keeping.



Selection of Players for Reevesie Cup



  • opening bats across all teams
  • Allocate top order bats across all teams
  • Allocate middle order bats across all teams
  • Allocate keepers across all teams
  • Allocate spinners across all teams
  • Allocate seamers across all teams
  • Swap like for like players between teams to balance:
    • last season’s championship players across the teams
    • last season’s development players across the teams
  • Set the provisional batting order for each team
  • Notify coaches of the selected teams
  • Notify the players of their selection in a team



Reeevesie Cup Games


Request grounds allocation from the Grounds committee. With four teams in the competition there will be two games in each of three rounds. Preference is for the two games of each round to be on adjacent grounds so the selectors can monitor both games.


Set up a round-robin draw in MyCricket so that each team plays each of the other three teams


Allocate players to teams in MyCricket


Contact the Queensland Umpires and Scorers Association secretary to ask for umpires to be allocated for the six games (3 rounds by 2 games in each round)


Brief the team coaches in regard to purpose of the competition.  This competition is run by BNJCA for two main purposes.


The first purpose is to provide an advanced selection process for representative teams. This allows the selectors to assess player’s performances in game situation and therefore get a better view of not only the players skills but also how they react to game stimuli and how they influence the game.


The second purpose is to provide a higher level of competition for the better players in this age group and to help prepare them for representative competition should they be selected.



Player participation according to their role


Each coach will be provided with a provisional batting order. The batting order has been established from preliminary trial rankings. Where players were unavailable for the preliminary trial but have been included a Reevesie Cup team, their position in the batting order may not be appropriate for their skill because there are no assessment details.





The fee for each player participating in the Reevesie Cup games is $20 per day.


The umpires are to be paid in cash prior the start of the match. This will require coordination with the opposition team. Umpires are to receive $120 (valid as at Sept 2018).


The reference for the transfer must include the team name and the number of the round.


To locate the draw on MyCricket, set the default club/association to Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association, select Fixtures, Season Fixtures and then set the Grade to U13 Reevesie Cup and click Go.


Coaches or Managers must enter match results and players scores within 7 days of the completion of the match.



Selection of Players for U13 Representative Teams