Life Membership


Life Membership is the highest Award available to recognise the exceptional contribution of individuals to the Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association (BNJCA).  It is therefore only to be awarded in exceptional circumstances.



General Considerations


Life membership may be conferred at the Annual General Meeting of the Association upon any person who has been an active member of the Association, or rendered service to the Association, for at least five years and who has, in the opinion of two-thirds of the members present at the Annual General Meeting, demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality service, enhancing the reputation and future of the BNJCA.


The points to be taken into account when considering any nomination should include:

  • the general attitude and overall demeanor of the nominee to ensure that the attitude is one that reflects a dedication to the values of the BNJCA.
  • commitment to the principals of good sportsmanship.
  • valued leadership and good role modelling that reflects credit upon the BNJCA.


These points apply in whatever role the nominee has participated in during their service in the BNJCA.




2021 Geoff Cowles OAM  
 2020Kathy Casey 



 2018Shane Mills  




Tony Bath 






John Powell






Keith Dudgeon






Steve Casey






Michael Skinner 






Michael Mainhardt 






David Philp 






Bryan Hessey







Bruce Boland 






Cec Anstey OAM







Basil Wright






Ian Reeves OAM






 Errold La Frantz MBE






Life membership awarded in Zone 1 (Toombul), Zone 2 (Valley/Norths) & Zone 6 (Sandgate/Redcliffe) prior to the inception of BNJCA Inc. are recognised as life members with BNJCA.






Ray Wonnacott







John Manson






Glyn Netto






David Walker 






Roger Harris







Rae Finlayson 






Adrian Petrie