Insurance - The National Club Insurance Scheme


The NCIS provides insurance cover for all cricket clubs throughout Australia.  This insurance provides the following:

  • Player Accident Cover
  • Public Liability Cover up to $50 million
  • Associations Cover protecting Directors and Officers of Incorporated clubs.


The premium for these insurances is levied by Cricket Australia when a player registers with a club on the CA website.


A club should obtain a Public Liability Certificate of Currency by completing the application on the JLT website (use link below) which includes completing an on-line questionnaire. If unsure of what to do, contact the BNJCA Secretary.  There is a web site administered by the scheme insurance brokers that can provide additional information on the cover and claims procedures.


Go to:


It is therefore extremely important that all cricket clubs and associations have up-to-date information on their membership in MyCricket.


Oval Checklist is available to download. Click HERE


To Download a copy of the Injury Claim Form from CA click HERE