Playing Times


Friday Night Competition


Blaster and Master Blaster play Friday evenings from 5.30 pm (these starting times may vary at different locations, please check with the host clubs).


Saturday Competition


Generally, (exceptions listed below) each day’s play shall commence at 8:15am.


 We ask that if you are playing on turf wickets, to please start at 8.00am and ensure that you finish by 11.30am so that the groundsmen are able to prepare the pitches for the Grade games later that day.


Exceptions to standard starting time


For Girls U11, play will commence at 7.15am, 8.00am and 9.45am.

For Girls U13, play will commence at 7.15am, 8.00am and 9:45am

For Girls U16, play will commence at 8:00am and 9.45am.

For Boys U10, play will commence at 9.45am

For Boys U11, play will commence at 7.15am.

For Boys U14, play will commence at 1:15pm


If play commences earlier or later than the scheduled start time then the finish time shall be that time which is 3 hours and 30 minutes after the commencement time subject to the proviso that irrespective of how late a match starts, play must conclude no later than 3 hours and 45 minutes after the scheduled start time.