Match Results



Entered in MyCricket


Match Results for U12 to Open Div and U13 & U15 girls are to be input to MyCricket. They must be entered within seven (7) days of completion of a match and player awards are made based on these entries. For U10 & U11 it is optional whether you enter the stats/result or not. Match results and player stats for U-13 to Open Div and U13 & U15 girls must be entered within seven (7) days of completion of a match or teams will get NO points.



Electronic Scoring


Where scoring is done by electronic means, the result details must be entered and signed by both team officials, using the form included in the Rule book or downloaded from the link below. If this is not done then no dispute will be allowed to proceed. If a game result or player stats, once entered in MyCricket, has an error and is “locked”, then send an email to and explain the error 7 and request that the game be “unocked”. You will be advised when this has happened and you can then go in and correct the mistake.


Electronic Scoring Sign-off Sheet



Publication of Scores in the Sunday Mail


Please ring your results in to the Sunday Mail as per the following instructions below. The Rules require team officials to phone scores to the Sunday Mail Phone 3666 7766 after 12 Noon and before 3.00p.m. on Saturdays. Ringing after this time, it will not be published!


Details to be supplied:

1. Zone (Brisbane North),

2. Age Group, (Open or Under 12 etc.)

3. Team runs scored,

4. Best 2 individual batting scores for BOTH TEAMS and

5. Best 2 bowling performances for BOTH TEAMS.


Please do not use ‘defeated’ for age groups Super Six to U12 as these are noncompetitive games. You should use ‘versus’. Responsibility for advising Sunday Mail is the team batting first. If you are involved in the Super Sixes competition in either U8s or U9s please ensure that you communicate that information - “U8s Super Sixes” or “U9s Super Sixes” to the Sunday Mail.



Champion Player Competition


On completion of each round team officials for U11 to Open, input results and player stats to MyCricket website. The system will accumulate points for a player based on

 Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw)20pts
 Assisted Wickets20pts 
 Unassisted Runouts5pts
 Assisted Runouts5pts 
 5 wickets in an innings30pts 
 Not outs5pts