Spirit of Cricket Award


Nomination for the Spirit of Cricket Award The BNJCA supports the Spirit of Cricket, as embodied in the preamble to the Laws of Cricket, in a tangible way each year with a Spirit of Cricket Award. The Association accepts nominations from clubs for a player displaying the true spirit, traditions, and values of cricket. The player must be playing in a BNJCA competition. This award does not apply to adults.


In order for a club to nominate a player, the action must be at the player’s instigation, not a result of an adult’s intervention. The nomination can come from anyone involved in the game; other players, umpire, coach or spectators, but must be made through the affiliated club of the nominating person.


The club should assemble all the relevant details of the player’s action and forward it to the BNJCA Secretary via email , within 14 days of the incident.


The BNJCA Codes of Conduct can be found on the Behaviour, Disputes and Discipline page