A potential member cricket club or other organisation must apply to become an Affiliated member of the BNJCA. This is done by applying in writing to the BNJCA Secretary, giving details of the club or other organisation and the reason for applying for affiliation.


Such details are to include, but not limited to, the following:


  1. Full Name of Club or other organisation.
  2. Contact details of the Executive Management group:
  3. Name, phone number and email address of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and their respective addresses for service of notices.
  4. Names, addresses and email addresses of the two (2) Delegate Members,
  5. Number of players last season in each year age group from U8 to U16
  6. Number of players expected next season in each year age group from U8 to Open
  7. Location of Grounds which will be made available for use of BNJCA for junior games, detailing maximum suitable age group and the condition of such grounds.
  8. Reasons for applying for affiliation.


The application will be reviewed by the Management Committee at the next available meeting. The Management Committee will vote on acceptance of the application. A majority vote in the affirmative is sufficient.  Under Rule 13) of the BNJCA Constitution, the Management Committee has the power to reject an application for affiliation by a club or other organisation.  There is no requirement for an affiliation application of a club or other organisation to go to the Delegate Committee for approval.


The annual affiliation fee is $1.  Check the calendar of events to see when the affiliation fee is to be paid.