Life member Steve Casey

Steve has been coaching at Albany Creek Cricket Club since 1999 when his oldest son, Scott started playing cricket in the U9 Black Hawks.


In 2002/2003, Steve volunteered as one of the club's Brisbane North Delegates. I am happy to be corrected, but I can’t recall Steve missing a Delegates meeting since. In 2004/2005, Steve added the Vice-President's hat to his many roles at Albany Creek Cricket Club and also took over the running of the Ian Healy Cup for Brisbane North.


In 2005/2006 that hat changed to President at Albany Creek. As a teacher, Steve was wondering how to fill in his holidays so, in 2005, he also undertook the Manager duties of the U15 Brisbane North Development team. Then he moved to the coach position of the U16 Development team in 2006.


Steve then had a few years away from rep cricket to concentrate on running the Ian Healy cup on behalf of Brisbane North and then he coached the U12 Championship teams in 2011.


He backed up again in 2012, and they came away with the State Championship. Steve and his lovely wife Kathy are still running the Ian Healy cup for Brisbane North and the competition has become a real stepping stone for young cricketers in their cricketing journey.


Thanks Steve and congratulations; a very worthy recipient of Life Membership