Life member John Powell

John, or as we know him JP, spent the early years of the 2000s at Pine Rivers Cricket Club with his son Brad and was appointed to the position of Vice President in 2006.


Then, in 2007 he was elected to the position of President of Pine Rivers Junior Cricket Club. During his 2 years of Presidency the Senior Club was going through some very tough times financially and JP to his credit along with his Junior committeemen, Adrian Raven and Richard Clay, managed to ensure the Senior body survived the hardship and got them back into a viable financial position that allowed them to survive. Also he worked very closely with The Lakes College and they fielded some combined teams with them in the BNJCA, helping them become established. In season 2010 - 2011 The Lakes Cricket Club became an affiliated BNJCA Club. During this period he was the Pine Rivers delegate to the BNJCA.


In 2009 JP went to Ballina as the Manager of the Under 13 BNJCA Development team coached by “Reevesie” and he certainly enjoyed the week immensely. Here is where the memories of the bus trip home from Ballina in January 2009 kick in. He enjoyed the experience so much that he wanted to know what he would have to do to get involved in Coaching Representative teams in the future. It was an enjoyable trip home, questions and more questions; JP wanted to know everything about BNJCA. Having enjoyed the initial experience so much he continued to manage BN Representative teams through to the Under 16 team in 2011-2012.


During the time spent as a manager, in typical JP fashion, he not only acquired Coaching qualifications, culminating in his Level 2 Coaching Certificate, he also acquired valuable experience along the way by coaching club teams, Lords Taverners at Norths and was also involved in Senior Coaching at Northern Suburbs Cricket Club. He was appointed coach of the BNJCA Under 16 Championship team in December 2015 and they, under his tutelage, won the State title at the Queensland Junior Cricket State Championships.


Well you would think that he was very busy doing all this Coaching and Managing teams, well he was. However at the same time all this was happening he was elected to the BNJCA Management Committee in 2011 and the following year 2012 he was elected as BNJCA Vice President, a position he still holds today.


The Association is growing rapidly, 370 teams with playing numbers of 3,758 so there is much to do to ensure BNJCA operates effectively and JP in 2015 was given the task of restructuring the Management Committee and assigning portfolios to the committee members. This he has done very professionally and successfully, as is done in the business world. JP has been designated the Director of Coaching portfolio which he has taken to with great gusto and energy.


His most recent foray into Coaching was when he was approached by Queensland Cricket (QC) and asked to Coach one of the 4 teams of the QC Bulls Rookie Challenge in April 2016.


JP is held in very high esteem and I am sure I am not alone when I say this as I believe his fellow committeemen also have total respect for him and for the passion that he brings to the association.


He has a keen sense of humour and is quick witted with his repartee. As we know in our true Australian style, when we have so much respect for our colleagues, or should we say close friends, who I consider JP to be, then one designates a nick name, well I call him ‘the genius’ because that is exactly what he is and not only that but it is his passion that he brings in his quest to provide the best opportunities for our young cricketers.  


One could go on and on about his contribution to cricket and BNJCA but we would be here all night, so to finish, with his input to BNJCA, with an enormous amount of time and energy and his professionalism I give you our latest Life member and deservedly so, John Powell.