Life member Bruce Boland

Bruce has been involved in cricket for many years, commencing with the Albany Creek Cricket Club.


Bruce joined the ACCC executive committee as Secretary, South Pine Sports Association Delegate, Newsletter editor, Webmaster and anything else that needed to be done


He remained 4 years as ACCC Secretary up until 2001/2002 when he became Vice President in 2002/2003. The club grew from 11 teams to 24 teams over this time. He was the manager of the first ACCC U16 team to tour England in 2002.


During his time at Albany Creek Cricket Club the club hosted the Ian Healy Cup Carnival from its commencement in 1999. Bruce has been involved in running the Carnival on behalf of BNJCA for the past 6 years.


Bruce has been involved in the BNJCA Draw process from 1999.  In 2002, he designed and installed a BNJCA web site and instigated all BNJCA junior clubs corresponding by email with the BNJCA Secretary.


Bruce was awarded the 2003 Sports Administrator Award on Australia Day.