Life member Shane Mills

Life Membership for a person is the highest honour an organisation or association can bestow upon a person.  It is a way that we can say thank you for all the support and services they have provided over the years.


Tonight I call on Shane Mills from Everton Districts to come forward and receive BNJCA Life Membership.


Shane has been a long time cricket tragic and in his younger days or some say in his hey-day he was a long haired demon fast bowler.  As you can see like most of us hair has a tendency to disappear.  He is still playing cricket today however his bowling speed has reduced somewhat, actually I would say considerably.  In the mid 90s Shane joined Everton Districts Cricket Club and not long after that was elected on to the club committee and by 1998 was Club Treasurer a position which he still holds.  In 1998 he started attending the BNJCA delegate meetings.


In 1999 he was elected as the Everton Districts delegate for BNJCA and still is in this role – that is some twenty years.


Since 1999 he has acted as a Coach or mentor of the coaches for many teams especially the Under 8/9 Teams.  Helping teams and parents learn rules and setting up junior fields and understanding the game.  In 2005 to 2008 he became either the scorer or the manager of his son’s BNJCA representative teams.  In 2006 he started assisting in the selection of BNJCA Under 13 representative teams and currently continues to do so, 13 years on.


His contribution to Brisbane North Junior Cricket has been, and still is immense.  A most worthy Life Member, congratulations to you Shane Mills.