Administration Manual

Administration Portfolio

The Administration portfolio is concerned only with the running of the association. Any issues that pertain to cricket matches are under the remit of the Operations Portfolio.  Any issues that pertain to selection of players for representative teams or participation of players in representative competitions are under the remit of the Representative Portfolio.



General Administration Committee

The purpose of the Administration committee is to:

  • operate management committee and delegates meetings including meeting notifications and meeting minutes;
  • manage all correspondence into and out of the association;
  • manage and update the website;
  • manage and update social media channels;
  • maintain playing and achievement records for all competitions under the control of the association;
  • Arrange and execute the annual awards evening;
  • maintain all information and governance documentation of the association;
  • manage and update the associations calendar of events

This is a standing committee, the membership of which is reviewed after each annual general meeting of the association.


A potential member cricket club or other organisation must apply to become an Affiliated member of BNJCA.  This is done by applying in writing to the BNJCA Secretary, giving details of the club or other organisation and the reason for applying for affiliation.

Such details are to include, but not limited to, the following:

  • Full Name of Club or other organisation.
  • Contact details of the Executive Management group:
  • Name, phone number and email address of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and their respective addresses for service of notices.
  • Names, addresses and email addresses of the two (2) Delegate Members,
  • Number of players last season in each year age group from U8 to U17
  • Number of players expected next season in each year age group from U8 to U17
  • Location of Grounds which will be made available for use of BNJCA for junior games, detailing maximum suitable age group and the condition of such grounds.
  • Reasons for applying for affiliation.
 The application will be reviewed by the Management Committee at the next available meeting.  The Management Committee will vote on acceptance of the application.  A simple majority vote in the affirmative is sufficient.

Under Rule 13) of the BNJCA Constitution, the Management Committee has the power to reject an application for affiliation by a club or other organisation.

There is no requirement for an affiliation application of a club or other organisation to go to the Delegate Committee for approval.

Social media

The only social media channel currently in use is the BNJCA Facebook page


All matches in competitions from U/11 through to U/16 are recorded in MyCricket


All released documents are held by the Administrator with at least one backup copy at another location.  Draft documents are held by the original author with copies also held by contributors until released.

On release of a document, a PDF copy of the document is placed on the website.

Calendar of Events

The calendar of events is published on the website

Life Membership Committee


The purpose of the Life Membership Committee is to:

  • Receive suggestion on granting life membership
  • Review candidates against criteria
  • Make a recommendation to the Management Committee

This is a standing committee, the membership of which is reviewed after each annual general meeting of the association.


 The Life Membership committee may receive informal nominations from outside the committee for consideration of appropriate persons.  The committee may also make their own nominations

 Review and Eligibility

 The committee will review all nominated persons and take into consideration the work that they have contributed to BNJCA and also the period of time that they have contributed to BNJCA.


 The committee will recommend no more than one person for life membership each year to the Management Committee. The recommendation will be delivered to the Management Committee prior to the July Management meeting

 Kalinga Park Committee

The purpose of the Kalinga Park committee is to:

  • To organise the required renovation of the Bertha St building at Kalinga Park
  • To organise the layout of new fields at Kalinga Park
  • To organise the design and construction of additional training facilities at Kalinga Park

 This committee commenced in April of 2015 and will remain in operation until the facilities at Kalinga Park meet the requirements of the association.

Building Renovation

The committee will plan renovations required for building at Bertha St after it has been handed over by BCC. The committee will then co-ordinate contractor and volunteer efforts to see these plans to completion and have a building ready for BNJCA to move into.

Fields Layout

The committee is responsible for defining the location of the synthetic wicket pitches on the ground at Kalinga Park, making sure there is room for two turf wick blocks to be built at a later date. The committee is also responsible for liaising with the contractors for the installation of the synthetic pitches.

Training Facilities

The committee will determine the requirement for additional training facilities at Kalinga Park including the planning and costing for these facilities. If approved by the Management Committee, the committee will then take on the responsibility of liaising with contractors and volunteers for the construction of these facilities.

Finance Committee


The purpose of the General Finance Committee is to manage:

  • Budgets
  • Cash Flow and Accounting
  • Audit

 This is a standing committee, the membership of which is reviewed after each annual general meeting of the association.


The finance committee is responsible for setting budgets and working with other committees to manage the adherence to the budgets in place.

Cash Flow and Accounting

The finance committee will manage and report on cash flow and accounting practices to the standards required by law for a not-for-profit organization and the management committee.


Each year the accounts will be prepared and submitted for audit to and a financial audit firm approved by the management committee.

Fees Review Committee


The purpose of the Fees Review Committee is to review the Association’s fee structure annually.

This is a standing committee, the membership of which is reviewed after each annual general meeting of the association.

The committee will review the fees charged by BNJCA.  The review process each year will consider the revenue requirements of the association, affordability and equity for all players across the association.

Report to the Management Committee by the June Management Meeting each year with a recommendation of fees for the coming season.

Grants Committee


The purpose of the Grants Committee is to:

  • Review grant application and check eligibility criteria and funds availability
  • Make a recommendation to the Management Committee
  • Prepare grant application for the association

This is a standing committee, the membership of which is reviewed after each annual general meeting of the association.

In line with the objects of the BNJCA as outlined in the Constitution, this Grants Process is designed to provide an avenue of assistance to affiliated clubs to maintain and provide facilities for youths to play the game of cricket. This policy is based on the principle that the Association acts in the best interests of all clubs collectively.

Prior Notice

This Grants Policy recognises the importance of developing or maintaining facilities to an acceptable standard for junior cricket by clubs affiliated to the BNJCA.  In an effort to reduce misunderstanding in the Grants process, and to assist with Budget forecasting, clubs should lodge grant applications before work has been undertaken.  The Management Committee, or an appointed sub-committee, will be within its rights to reject any funding application made under the Grants Policy where prior notice has not been given.

Grant Application

An application must be made on the Grant Application form, which is available to download from the BNJCA website.

Maximum Grant Payments

Total of all Grants will be limited to $12,000 per annum, to be reviewed each season by the Management Committee.

No single grant application can be more than 20% ($2400) of the total grant pool in the season that the application is lodged.

Grants for repairs on any particular ground will only be considered if there has been no BNJCA grant approved and paid for the same ground in the previous three (3) seasons.

Grants will be assessed in the order in which the completed application is lodged with the Secretary and paid out in that order.

Types of Grants

Pitch Repair: Affiliated BNJCA clubs can apply to the Grants Committee for reimbursement of up to 33% of total costs for the repair of a pitch located on a school ground (subject to 5.4) or 50% of total costs for the repair of a pitch located on a council ground, which is required for use in the BNJCA competition.  An application must include appropriate supporting documentation.

New Pitches: Affiliated BNJCA clubs can apply to the Grants Committee for reimbursement of up to 33% of total costs for the development of a new concrete or synthetic pitch, which is required for use in the BNJCA competition.

Assistance is not available for turf wickets.  The size of the oval, the maximum age group which would play on the oval and the oval needs of the Association will play a significant role in approving any grant. An application must include appropriate documentation.

Ground Repair and Maintenance: Affiliated BNJCA clubs can apply to the Grants Committee for reimbursement of the costs of one-off ground repair and maintenance of up to 33% of total costs, or a maximum $1,000 in any financial year (July-June).  ‘One-off’ incidents are those which have been caused by vandalism, flooding etc. (Subject to 5.4). Any application should include appropriate documentation. Affiliated clubs will be required to satisfy the Grants Committee in regard to the following criteria:

  • the work is essential to ensure the ground is at an acceptable standard for BNJCA organised games during the junior cricket season
  • ‘ground repair and maintenance’ does not include mowing of grass, ground marking or any other ‘regular’ activity required to prepare the ground for junior cricket.

Non-Government schools: Where the grant relates to a facility at a Non-Government school and the use of the facility by BNJCA is restricted to half a season each year, the maximum grant is reduced to 50% of that payable in 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 above.

 Practice facilities: Grants are not given for installation or repair of practice wickets and/or nets.

Review and Eligibility

The grant must be reviewed so that the committee members understand what the grant funds will be used for. The use of the requested grant funds must meet the grant criteria.

The committee must check that the club requesting the grant funds is eligible to receive the requested amount according to the grants criteria.

 The level of funding available for the current season must also be obtained to make a decision.

Consideration of Grants

The Grants Committee shall convene as necessary to consider grant applications and to conduct other business as it sees fit.

The Grants Committee can accept submissions from clubs not involved in the application (third party clubs) about any application. In making a submission to the Grants Committee, the third-party club must simultaneously provide a copy of its submission to the applicant.

The Grants Committee can recommend approval of a grant application based on the sole basis of financial hardship. However, in so doing, the Committee must consider the affiliate’s long-term financial viability. If in the opinion of the Committee, there is a question over such viability, the grant application must be rejected.

 The Grants Committee, once it has formed a recommendation on any application, must inform the Management Committee of the BNJCA of that decision, and the reasons for that decision within 7 days.


The committee is required to provide a recommendation on the approval (or not) of the grant and the amount to be funded (whichever is the lessor of the amount requested or the grant funds available in the current season.

The recommendation of the committee on whether to approve or decline the grant request must be made to the Management Committee within 7 days of receiving the grant application.

Applicant Notification

The Secretary must inform the grant applicant in writing of the outcome of their grant application within 14 days of the Management Committee’s decision. Such notification must include reasons for the Management Committee’s decision if an application is rejected or if a lesser amount than allowed for in 5.1 – 5.4 above is approved.

Delegate Notification

Once a Management Committee decision about a grant application has been conveyed to an individual club, the Management Committee must advise affiliated clubs of the decision at the next regularly scheduled delegates meeting.

Payment of Grants

 In its own right, the Grants Committee is not empowered to approve grants. It shall make recommendations to the BNJCA Management Committee which shall make the final decision about all grant applications. The BNJCA Management Committee may approve an amount less than that recommended by the Grants Committee.

Association Grant Applications

 The committee will also prepare any grant applications of the association for either general funding or for funding of specific projects.

 Risk and Safety Committee

The risk and safety committee is responsible for assessing threats and risks that may impact people, property or reputation.

Risk and Safety Policy


This guide is designed to meet the following objectives:

  • To ensure the safe and professional conduct of all Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association (BNJCA) cricket events
  • To ensure the Code of Conduct Policy is adhered to
  • To minimise alcohol related incidents and harm to participants, property, spectators and general community
  • To improve and preserve the reputation of BNJCA to people in the general community

    Risk Management


    BNJCA is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people involved in the game of cricket. Our volunteer coaches, managers, scorers and any others associated with the organization of junior cricket will treat children with respect and understanding at all times.

    The Association will maintain an effective Risk Management Plan as a means of ensuring that it can provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all involved with the game of cricket at all levels under its control.

    Assistance for affiliates


    While the Association organizes a summer competition for under 8 to under 16 teams on behalf of its affiliated clubs, it does not have a presence at games, and the grounds are the responsibility of clubs (all grounds are ‘aligned’ to the clubs). The games are overseen by the competing clubs and officials (volunteer parents) from the clubs are responsible for their conduct.

    As the governing body for junior cricket in the Brisbane North region, the BNJCA will provide advice and assistance to affiliated clubs regarding the development and implementation of appropriate policies for child protection, and the development of Risk Management Plans to ensure that children can play and enjoy cricket safely and free from harm.

    Representative cricket


    Where it operates representative cricket teams itself, the BNJCA will take a systematic approach to the identification and rectification of hazards.

    All volunteer officials (coach, team manager and scorer) involved with BNJCA representative teams will be required to have a ‘Blue Card’ unless otherwise exempt.

    Implementation of Risk Management Plan


    The implementation of this Risk Management Plan is the responsibility of the Management Committee of the BNJCA. The Plan will remain in effect with annual reviews undertaken to ensure its relevance.

    Child Protection


    BNJCA applies the following procedures for protecting children in its care when organising and conducting representative cricket teams.

  • All volunteers (coaches, managers and scorers) of the BNJCA involved with junior representative teams (ie, under 12 to under 15) must hold a Suitability Card before they take any role, unless exempt under the Commission for Children and Young People Guardian Act 2000. (A parent involved with a team who has a child in that team is exempt).
  • The BNJCA will maintain a register of all suitability card holders in a secure place.
  • All volunteers of the BNJCA involved with the management and development of young cricketers must follow the code of conduct appropriate to the position held (e.g., coach).
  • All volunteers of the BNJCA are made aware of the appropriate policies and position descriptions provided by the BNJCA.
  • All volunteers of the BNJCA must ensure that the following areas are handled in an appropriate manner:
    • Collect and register players’ medical and indemnity details according to the Privacy Act 1998.
    • use of language o physical contact o relationships
    • discipline
    • bullying, and
    • general behaviour
  • Where volunteers are given responsibility for BNJCA representative teams, wherever possible, there will be more than one person with each group of children.
  • If there are girls and boys in the same team/group, every effort will be made to ensure that a female supervisor is available.
  • BNJCA will advise volunteer team officials to insist that all children are picked up by their parents or guardians.
  • Volunteer team officials will be advised to never leave a child alone.
  • In training situations, ensure that after dark there is adequate lighting.
  • Ensure that toilets and change room facilities are safe.
  • Do not take a child into a vehicle unless you have express permission from the child’s parent or guardian. This permission should be on file for reference.
  • When training or playing competitively undertake all precautions to ensure the safety of the child.
  • Should any abnormal occurrence be observed, an incident report must be completed and provided to the BNJCA President (or his representative), within twenty four hours of the incident occurring.
  • BNJCA should satisfy itself that affiliated clubs are aware of their responsibilities under the Commission for Children and Young People Guardian Act 2000.

    Insurance Cover


    Coaches, Administrators and Players registered with junior cricket clubs in Queensland are automatically covered by Cricket Australia’s national insurance scheme. This National Scheme is administered by a Melbourne based broker, JLT Sport, and all enquiries and claims should be directed to them.

    The contact details for the new broker are:

  • Tania O’Day

JLT Sport

Toll Free 1300 136 132 claims page.

How To Make A Claim

  • Public Liability, Professional Indemnity and Associations Liability Claims

    It is essential that you notify JLT Sport immediately of any potential claim. It is also extremely important not to admit liability or discuss the matter with the third party person. JLT Sport will then guide you as to the next step in the process


  • Personal Accident Capital Benefit Claims

    If there appears to be a potential for a capital benefit claim for permanent or partial impairment please notify JLT Sport immediately. Claims personnel will advise you on what you will need to do next.


  • Non-Medicare Medical Claims

Firstly report the claim to JLT Sport. This can be done one of three ways:

  • By downloading the claim form from the link and forwarding the completed form and medical accounts to: JLT Claims Management Services

    PO Box 7170

    Hutt St,

    South Australia 5000


  • By phoning the JLT Sport Claims team on 1800 640 009.

    This is a toll-free number anywhere in Australia. Claims staff will help you with your claim and send a claim form to you for completion. You will be required to complete the form and return with any medical accounts for reimbursement.


  • By completing a claim form.