Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy


BNJCA applies the following procedures for protecting children in its care when organising and conducting representative cricket teams.

  •  All volunteers (coaches, managers and scorers) of the BNJCA involved with junior representative teams (ie, under 12 to under 15) must hold a Suitability Card before they take any role, unless exempt under the Commission for Children and Young People Guardian Act 2000. (A parent involved with a team who has a child in that team is exempt).
  • BNJCA will maintain a register of all suitability card holders in a secure place.
  • All volunteers of BNJCA involved with the management and development of young cricketers must follow the code of conduct appropriate to the position held (e.g., coach).
  • All volunteers of BNJCA are made aware of the appropriate policies and position descriptions provided by BNJCA.
  • All volunteers of BNJCA must ensure that the following areas are handled in an appropriate manner
  • Collect and register players’ medical and indemnity details according to the Privacy Act 1998.
  •  use of language
  •  physical contact
  •  relationships
  •  discipline
  •  bullying, and
  •  general behaviour
  • Where volunteers are given responsibility for BNJCA representative teams, wherever possible, there will be more than one person with each group of children.
  • If there are girls in the group, every effort will be made to ensure that a female supervisor is available.

  • BNJCA will advise volunteer team officials to insist that all children are picked up by their parents or guardians.

  • Volunteer team officials will be advised to never leave a child alone.

  • In training situations, ensure that after dark there is adequate lighting.

  • Ensure that toilets and change room facilities are safe.

  • Do not take a child into a vehicle unless you have express permission from the child’s parent or guardian. This permission should be on file for reference.

  • When training or playing competitively undertake all precautions to ensure the safety of the child.

  • Should any abnormal occurrence be observed, an incident report must be completed and provided to the BNJCA President (or his representative), within twenty four hours of the incident occurring.

  • BNJCA should satisfy itself that affiliated clubs are aware of their responsibilities under the Commission for Children and Young People Guardian Act 2000.