BNJCA is required to operate games within the requirements of the Field Sports Industry Approved COVID-Safe Health Plan (link provided at the end of this article) and advise all Clubs participating in the competition of their obligations to inform their members that they must conform to these requirements.

Accordingly, Club Officials and participants must adhere to all protocols and guidelines provided in the industry approved plan.  This includes but is not limited to the following items:

  • Multi-Ground Venues
  1. If playing at a multi-ground venue, Players and Officials are to directly access and leave their Ground venue, minimising contact with other playing groups in the same complex. 
  2. Minimise access to a central amenities’ location except for essential purposes. The key principle for playing must be ‘Get in, Play, Get out’.


  • Health and Hygiene
  1. Players should not share equipment, including pads, gloves, protectors, helmets. (Note, Umpires may not accept a bowler’s hat/cap or other clothing such as jumpers etc)
  2. Practice social distancing at all times (encourage all participants to bring their own chairs)
  3. Encourage recommended hygiene practices at all times, especially washing of hands.
  4. There is to be no contact during matches between participants, officials, coaches and volunteers. This includes high fives, shaking hands and other physical contact.
  5. Ensure that participants understand that they are not to shine the ball with saliva or sweat at any time during matches.
  6. Any person that is unwell or displaying flu-like symptoms should not attend matches in any capacity.


Recording and Tracing

Clubs must maintain records of every player, official and spectator attending each game of cricket.  As such, if clubs ensure that every player and official is entered into MyCricket and selected in the team for that day then the requirement as it relates to players and officials has been met.


Details of spectators attending each match must be recorded and kept for 56 days.  If clubs do not record players and officials on MyCricket then they will be required to record details of players and officials must be recorded along with the spectators.


A sample form is available in the Administration > Forms section of this website that can be used to record the details of people attending each game.  Once completed, these forms need to be kept by clubs for 56 days.



BNJCA and Clubs are responsible for the privacy of player, official and spectator details that they collect.

The details that need to be collected for players, officials and spectators to meet the requirements of the Field Sports COVID-Safe Plan (and state health directives) are categorised as personally identifiable information and are subject to privacy policies and the Privacy Act.


BNJCA strongly recommend that a form with personally identifiable information should not be 'passed around' for every one to fill out (regardless of what you have seen elsewhere) as this could disclose information that jeopardises personally safety for some people.  Please have a volunteer or official collect this information from each person required and make sure that the information collected is not disclosed to anyone other than a person or persons appointed by the club to hold this information.



Approved Industry COVID-Safe Plan - Field Sports

BNJCA COVID-Safe Attendance Form

BNJCA COVID-Safe Organisation Checklist