Kathy commenced at Albany Creek Cricket Club in 1999 as a parent when her son Scott started playing for the club.


Kathy has been actively involved with the Albany Creek Cricket Club committee since 2000 taking on various roles including Statistician, Registrar, Newsletter Editor and Webmaster. She still maintains all the club stats for Albany Creek teams in both the Brisbane North and Warehouse competitions.


In 2003 Kathy assisted Ray Wonnacott with the Statistics for the Ian Healy Cup. Then in 2004 she took over this role completely and has done so up to the present. This role has evolved over time from manually entering all the stats from each game for the carnival to the present day where they are entered on MyCricket. Kathy also organises the certificates for Award recipient and carnival winners. For the past four or five years she has entered all of the 14 teams competing in the Healy Cup into MyCricket and is the ‘go to’ person for all of the teams participating in the HC for any problems involving MyCricket throughout the carnival.


During the Healy Cup Kathy also co-ordinates lunches for each of the competing teams. Over the past few years this has become a massive job due to the increasing number of players and officials with Special Dietary Requests.