Wet Weather Information


The Management Committee is loath to make a general cancellation. Coaches are requested to communicate with opposition coaches using the phone numbers on club pages on the website. Grounds should be inspected using the Fitness of the Ground rule as a guide and a decision made whether or not to play. Coaches and Managers are asked to communicate with parents as soon as possible if there is a cancellation.


If a General cancellation decision is made on Friday evening, it will be posted on the website www.bnjca.org.au and on Facebook & Twitter by 7:00pm. If the General cancellation decision is not made until Saturday morning it will be posted on the www.bnjca.org.au website and on Facebook & Twitter by 7:00am.


Procedure for the following week


If games are cancelled one week and no play has occurred and the second week can be played, then games revert to ONE DAY games and follow ONE DAY rules.