All cricket is cancelled
Date of Event Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association: Tue Mar 17, 2020 4:20PM

All cricket is cancelled. This has just been released by Cricket Australia. 

For BNJCA affiliated clubs, this means that no cricket will be played this coming weekend. In addition, they have decided that there will be no training.

Whether clubs still have Presentation evenings is your decision to make. The current guidelines restrict gatherings where there are more than 500 people. Many clubs will have less people than this who would attend, but there would normally be grandparents or older friends attending. Clubs must decide whether it would be safer to be more conservative and cancel, irrespective of numbers.


In a media release, Cricket Australia said the following:

"CA has strongly recommended that all amateur cricket played within the community should cease including community cricket and premier cricket.
While many competitions are coming to an end, we are mindful that some competitions are only just commencing however the recommendation applies to all competitions and training.
This decision is consistent with the measures taken to safeguard professional cricket at the elite level and is supported by State and Territory Associations.

Based on expert advice from CA's Chief Medical Officer John Orchard and recent government information we want to ensure that cricket is doing everything it can to contribute to the global effort to slow, and eventually stop, the spread of coronavirus.
While cricket is a relatively safe and non-contact sport there are considerable measures that need to be in place to adhere to expert advice around reducing the risk of spreading the virus. We focused specifically on minimising the risk and impact on the cricket communities that we lead and serve, as well as their families.

Cricket Australia is continuing to work with State and Territory Associations to ensure we collectively provide ongoing support to local associations and the broader cricket community during this challenging and disruptive time."

Last updated: Tuesday March 17, 2020 11:45PM
Author: Bruce Boland